Save Me from the Dark Chpt 3

When I walked into the house it was black. Then a zombie walked in with bloody clothes and one eye. I let out a yelp! Then the zombie rip me lim from lim.
" WAKE UP "! screamed my mom. I woke up in the back of the car with beads of sweat stuck to my forehead. " Are we in Forks already! ", I said sadly. My mom and John exchanged looks. Then my mom smiled a very fake smile that let me know somthing what wronge. " Sky honey, Well we read the dircetions very wronge.We are in Savannah.
" Ya Think! " I looked at out the foggy window and let on a puff of air. " Wheres the house. " I said sitting back in my chair like a baby
" Oh its right up the hill. We are driving now. Just sit back and and enjoy the ride ". My mom preached happily. With nothing eles to do, I texted Luke:
S: Hey
L: Made it there aready
S: Naw. We at this place called " savannah" . Know it???
L: Ya! I go down they to fish with my grandpa some times
S: you have to visit me then :)
L: :)
S: Soooo
L: Did you read it?
S: Oh not yet. I am going to read it on my birthday
L: Ight :/
S: whats upp???
L: Nothing. I have to go. Bye
S: Bye ....

Skyler was left bored again. So she pulled out the Jornal and began to write....

Date : Aug- 23 - 2014

Well hello " Book" . We are now in Savannah. I dont know how but we are. So I dont really mind anyway. It looks pretty here though. I just hope I make some friends. I am turning 17 tomorro. And I am starting 11th grade in a mounth ( sept-1-2014 ). Not happy bout that.( The reason I am so old is because I got helded back in 1st grade for saying the " D" word. ) I think I am going to like it here. Hope i can make some friends. Well the car is stopping. Ttyl :)

The car pulled up to a light blue house with to floors and a pool in the backyard. When Skyler got out the car she was very pleased with the house. There where flowers of many colors lineing the drive way and the door was trimed with silver . " Woah ". As she walked up to the steps a flash of pink caught her eye. Next door stood and tall slim girl with a hot pink skinny jeans and a light pink shirt. Even her heels were jet black matching her long hair that was held back with a pink headband and black bow.
" October " Called a pretty women . The girl answer my poping her gum in the womens dircetions.
" Please finish cleaning your room before you walk to Jacob's house. Your boyfriend can wait.
" Fine Mom. " snorted Octorber. and she walked into her house.
" Come on sky " called the beast named " Jonh ". Shyler rolled her eyes and walked in the large house. But the first thing Skyler did was run up the staires to find her new room. There were three. But when she got the the room with all her stuff (Her mom payed the people to bring the stuff to the house allready ) she screamed. It was perfect!!! She jumped into her bed and hugged the covers . Then she hoped up and skipped down staires. " Mom can i walk around a bit? I will have my phone on my at all times!"
Her mom took about 2 minutes to reply " back by 8. Its 6 now. Have fun and call me every 20 minutes. But change first."
Skyler looked at her closed and walked upstaires to change. She put on her white half shirt with a black t-shirt under. Then she slipped on a pair of jeans and her White hightops. She went out the door and looked around. And set of to who knows where.