Scarlett coaches Jessica Biel on Love

Scarlett Johannson has been giving love advice to her pal Jessica Biel. Nothing weird there… oh, unless you consider that she's been linked to Jess's boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. So what's the deal, were they comparing notes? "Jessica knows she and Justin are happy and there are no problems," says an unnamed source. "But she wanted to get a female perspective on the best way to handle all the rumors about him with other girls." Scarlett's advice? "Ignore the speculation and concentrate on the relationship." How mature! She's experienced with high-profile relationships, namely her current romance with Ryan Reynolds. But perhaps S.J. isn't the best girl to play Dr. Romance. Today the NY Daily News claims that Ryan and Scarlett "haven't spent more than a day in the same city in months." In fact, while promoting their respective films "Fireflies in the Sky" and "The Other Boleyn Girl" at a film festival in Germany, Ryan had swarms of women around him. As a result, instead of celebrating at their respective parties, the couple were pounding on their phones in an angry text battle. Maybe jealousy isn't so easy to deal with after all!