Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos Face Off in Awesome Snow Sculpture

We have no idea whether the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos will triumph at Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, but we know for certain that these two guys just won winter.

Brendan Schaffer and his cousin Steven Schaffer of Oxford, NJ were so excited about the Super Bowl coming to their home state, they decided to commemorate both teams with an amazing snow sculpture of their logos. Even more impressive is the 5-foot Vince Lombardi trophy in the middle, made entirely of ice and snow (and just a bit of food coloring).

Schaffer is an amateur artist, and has created sculptures out of snow, ice and sand. This guy is talented in every climate! He tells the Good News that this Super Bowl tribute took around 10 hours to create, but he doesn't mind the work since the reward is putting a smile on people's faces. "We do it for the community," he says of his sculptures. "Cars drive by our house at all hours, stopping to take pictures. We got a note in the mailbox from someone one time that claimed, 'We make winter fun!' because their children get excited to drive by to and from school to see what we created."

Check out more of his awe-inspiring creations on the Schaffer Art Studios Facebook page.

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