A Secret About Our Weddding

Hello. Again.
My mother is now staying at my sister's house. I would love for my brother to come home and stay with me. I guess that is not gonna happen for a while. I have a feeling he will be with me soon. We need to be a family again. Not spread so far apart from each other. An since our mother has cancer. I think it would be best to be close by . To each other.
Mother is doing fine. There is bad days and good days. Just like when she was here at her home.. At my sister house there are lakes close by. . Also woods so she can take walks. My sister got two beautiful dogs too. So she is protected.

I am catching up on my sleep and working on my diet. For my big day. Yes, Our wedding is still being planned.. Jon and I are putting in the final touches right now. . Man, If i only knew when this wedding will take place. I can tell you one thing. The time. It will start at 8 am Friday and end up Saturday at 8 am . So its a 24 hour deal. Kool huh. Just remember they owe me big big time. Feel better now, No-Go figures. My remember will appear on every channel you can think of. For 24 hours then. We have our own channel.. It will contain our wedding for sure. And our receptions. . is Endless.
Another hint a major hint. Get ready cuz here it goes.Thin ere will reception in country you can think of. We be travel to some of them. You will see us in some countries. Maybe for our honeymoon and maybe for business. You will us though all of that good stuff. . Yes, You will see us at our Honeymoon. I also have a tv show Called Geise and Friends. . It will follow the wedding or our honeymoon. I don't know what comes first. That is still being decided.