The Self

The Self is the most important asset to life being and self worth with increasing values. Your value should always increase as you continue to learn who you are as you grow within yourself. Knowing who you are and your capabilities makes you understand things better about you and as well as others. When people have know respect for life and others, is normally because they do not have respect for themselves.

Women go through many changes in life getting to know who you are as a wife, as a mother and who you are in your career. As a wife growing with someone who you have become one with is challenging but yet interesting, because you not only learning who you are but this other individual you chose to grow with. You and that person enter-twain within eachother causes you both to come to a place of change. Some get it mixed up and might say you need to change this about you or you can't change who I am, but guess what you have to change.

The reason for the change is because you are one you in him and he in you. Mixing those marriage DNA makes change happen. Disagreements occurs because you both becoming new people in one body, it's called a transformation of a greater you. So when its spoken you need to change this or that it does not mean you are trying to change eachother you just coming together in a new life.

That's why love is so unconditional because you have to except eachother for who you are and becoming a new you, because eachother is a reflection of the both of you as a couple and individual.