Self Determinism in the Middle East

I was playing some Middle East music on the piano today, and all I could do was screw up the playing of the song. I came to the conclusion that Middle East music is screwed up by design. You don't play it right unless you screw it up, or you play it screwed up. The Middle East is that way. The music itself is screwed up, the people are screwed up, and the physical region itself is screwed up. They beat the hell out of the Russians, and they'll beat the hell out of us too, because all they wish is autonomy to fix their own affairs. They beat hell out of anybody who meddles with them. If all they with is self-rule, give them self-rule, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Don't meddle with somebody who has already been beaten by the elements. All they can possibly do is improve their own situation, without our help. yAcM