Shine has arrived!

Hola Shine fans! We're excited to share this sneak preview of Shine with you!

Not to sound like an overly proud new parent, but I've been checking out the work of our editors
and staff and have to tell you - Shine ROCKS! Chock full of sassy, stimulating content, Shine is here to make our female lives richer, easier, and whole lot more fun! And who doesn't want that?!
Take a look around and start sharing your thoughts. Leave comments, subscribe to favorite bloggers,
and most importantly, start blogging!

Keep in mind that we're still under construction and are aware of some issues. For example,
it may take a few minutes between when you edit a post and when your changes are displayed.
But don't let that stop you from blogging. :)

And remember I'm here to help with any questions or concerns, so holler if you need any help -