Shine recognizes great user posts!

As Shine enters it's 8th week since launch, I've been thrilled to see how you've responded to our editor's call for well-written posts. You've really turned up the quality dial while writing about things that matter to you - informative and insightful subjects that inspire all of us to write our best.

Here are a few of those featured posts on Shine:

Sexual harassment in school - what's the long-term impact on education and career? by Shine user Micki LeSeur

Why are commitment issues so debilitating? by Shine user Rita

Comparing nutrition: Cow milk vs. non-dairy milks by Shine user Stephanie Quilao

Shine wants to feature more user posts, but some are being overlooked because they've been miscategorized. To help give your post the most exposure it might be moved to a more relevant category. The post will still be on Shine and on your blog page, but it will now be up for feature consideration. That means more visibility, more feedback, and more conversation!

Congratulations to everyone who has been featured and we look forward to recognizing Shine's next great posts!