Shine weekly recap: Featured user posts

Every week, we've been featuring more and more fantastic user content on Shine. Identified by the title "user post", these rants, raves, and personal accounts are chosen for demonstrating all the qualities our editors look for in a great post. The fact that these posts were picked from hundreds of other submissions show what a huge accomplishment these users achieved.

We're proud to recognize two great Shine bloggers, along with our other stellar individuals, whose user posts were highlighted this week.

* Shine user firedfornow whose "User post: I confess. I caved. I went to a movie!" was featured in Manage Your Life. Dory, Shine's Manage Your Life editor, loves firedfornow and says that she's "one of my favorite Shine writers. [She] has written some terrific posts about getting laid off this year and how she is coping."

* Shine user Sarah McColl, Pink of Perfection whose "User post: Breaking out of a rut" was featured in Food. Maggie, Shine's Food editor, picked Sarah's post as one of the "great user posts of the week on Food". On a personal note, I know that Sarah's been blogging on Shine since March of 2008. Her food photos alone will leave you salivating. I made Sarah's salmon cakes for a friend and was asked for the recipe afterward. That NEVER happens.

Congratulations, bloggers!