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Yarns being spun to create fabricken from my blog post Fashion Myth: Polyester and Other Synthetic Fibers Are Cheap and Tacky*

I recently read an article on a popular women's lifestyle site that mentioned natural fibers looked better on plus-size women, or any woman, than synthetic fibers. At one time this opinion was a valid one. When synthetic fibers were first used for fabric, the fabrics were stiff and they actually did look very tacky. Clothing looked cheap and uncomfortable. However, that ended not long after Disco died.

Synthetic Fiber is Everywhere!
Many of the garments sold in stores today are made from fabrics constructed from synthetic fibers. Some are 100 percent synthetic or they may be a natural fiber/synthetic fiber blend. You don't believe me? Your pantyhose are Nylon which is a synthetic fiber. Those stretch jeans you are wearing wearing have Spandex or Elastane in them which are synthetic fibers. Your parka, raincoat, trench and any other water-resistant outerwear you own probably is made from some synthetic fiber.

Don't Knock Synthetics Because You're Probably Wearing Them Right Now
Synthetic and man-made fibers do make quality clothing. Designers such as Tracy Reese, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and others use synthetic fibers for their quality clothing. Now there are instances where some natural fibers are far more superior than synthetic fibers -- especially when it comes to wicking wetness away from the body. Don't knock synthetics until you check the care labels on every item of clothing you love to wear. Chances are Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Acetate or Viscose are somewhere in the fiber content.

For those who are concerned about the environmental impact of using synthetic fibers versus natural fiber check out my article Sustainability in Fashion Requires a Good Mix of Natural, Recycled and Synthetic Fabrics. It is not a black and white issue for the natural versus synthetic argument.

For garment examples not shown here visit the original post and do a check of your own garments to see for yourself.