"For Smart Girls Only" by Marie Brewer

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"For Smart Girls Only" by Marie Brewer, Borrow for free on Kindle if you have a premium membership. ($1.99 on Kindle and $12.95 for the paperback on www.amazon.com) Go to www.helenbrewer.com for the books and more info. This book is for girls ages 10-13, Tweens rock! #tweens,#kindle,#selfesteem,#childrensbooks,#books,#tweengirls,#booksforgirls,#parenting

My e book is current, interactive, and deals with issues that today's tween and young teens girls are facing. I wrote this book for tweens/teens to emphasize inner beauty, confidence, and self-love. This new book covers such topics as family, parents, school/education, friends, internet safety, bullying, drugs, alcohol, parent divorce, respect, honesty, boys, peer-pressure, cell phones, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and finding a vision for a fruitful life. The book will not disappoint those who want to give advice to young girls that have sheen!
Excerpts below:

~ "Think of yourself as a part of a bouquet

of flowers. Some of the flowers have small

blooms. The other flowers may have medium

or large blooms. All of the flowers have

a glow and unique color. They all have

magnificent beauty. If anyone dislikes others

because of their shape or size, they will miss

all of the sweet smells of the bouquet."

"You are in gym/P. E. class. The coach has

two girls that will pick teams for a basketball

game. You will begin to pick the girls that will

play on your team. Mia is always the last one

chosen to play on a team. You choose her

first! This makes her smile."