Smooth Your Locks in Six Easy Steps

Even extremely overworked and unmanageable hair can become smooth and shiny with the right hair care routine.

Smooth, shiny, and glossy hair can be yours with the right hair care regimen! If you're tired of dealing with frizzy hair and uncontrollable strands, you'll need to start using a set of targeted hair care products and tweak your daily routine. Keratin-infused products are especially beneficial for maintaining that ultra-polished look, and for keeping frizz at bay. Even extremely overworked and unmanageable hair can become smooth and shiny with the right hair care routine.

Use these six steps to smooth your locks and maintain soft and shiny hair:

Step 1: Use a protein-infused shampoo and conditioner. You'll need to strengthen your strands with a protein-infused shampoo and conditioner so make sure you're using a formulation that contains protein and natural oils. An oil and protein formula can be especially powerful because it helps to smooth out broken or rough strands, and also softens the hair. Use these products regularly to maintain super-smooth locks.

Step 2: Air dry then blow dry hair. Allow your hair to air dry for as long as possible before you use a high-powered blow dryer. Blow drying your hair every day can make your hair prone to heat damage, and damaged hair gets frizzy very easily. Let your hair partially dry naturally and then use a blow dryer to finish. Use the lowest heat setting whenever possible to protect your strands.

Step 3: Use a frizz-controlling serum. Add the L'Oreal Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum to polish the hair's surface and lock in shine. This formula contains oils and anti-frizz compounds that can smooth out those strands and prevent flyaways. You can use this type of serum before or after blow drying your hair, and before using a flat iron or other heated styling tools.

Step 4: Try a straightening cream. If you have naturally wavy, curly, or very coarse hair, consider adding a straightening cream to your styling routine. Use the L'Oreal advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Xtreme Straight Crème to maintain soft and silky hair. This crème protects the strands from heated styling tool damage and can keep unmanageable hair under control. You can use this as part of your styling routine, or as a touch-up treatment in the middle of the day.

Step 5: Use an ion brush to smooth out strands. Straighten and smooth out hair using an ion brush while you style. Ion brushes help to smooth out strands naturally and are activated by heat from a blow dryer. If you want to straighten hair without using a flat iron, use an ion brush and hold hair taut as you dry with a high-powered blow dryer. This can be a healthier alternative to using a flat iron on a regular basis, and will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

Step 6: Use a hair mask every week. Healthy hair will be shiny naturally, so make sure you're using a strengthening or hydrating hair mask at least once a week. These masks will infuse your strands with moisture and proteins to nourish the hair from root top tip.

Content by Sabah Karimi