Soft and Spicy Valentine’s Day Fragrance: Carita Paris Eau De Parfum

Every year, hundreds of new perfumes appear on the market but only a few have real staying power-Carita Paris' Eau De Parfum is going to be one of them. It's not just the pretty bottle that impresses this Beauty Guru (more about that in a moment) but this scent is an unusual, complex combination of spice and softness. It reminds me of a silky, black ribbon woven into a pile of curls, the epitome of French-inspired femininity. You know the fragrance is there but it hides subtly, appearing occasionally to caress you--then it's gone again. I love it!

I know what I'll be wearing for Valentine's Day--Carita!

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What does it look like? Five stars for the packaging! First, let me say, "Wow!" The marketing team got this one right. The bottle fits nicely in your hand and looks beautiful on my vanity table. This elegant bottle has a rectangular shape, frosted glass finish and around the neck of the bottle is a black bow. (Perfect presentation for gift giving, guys.) I like the swivel top atomizer. Puffing this fragrance on to my skin just feels, well, sexy. (I know, TMI).

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What does Carita smell like? In a nutshell, Carita Paris Eau de parfum reminds of two fragrances I love--Champs Elysees Perfume and Tova Signature but this blend is so completely different. The first note you smell is a powdery rose but it finishes with a splash of amber. As you wear this fragrance, as the product interacts with the oils in your skin, you'll discern quite a few sultry notes in between.

Here's a snippet from the official product release, "The precious fragrance by renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas, was specially formulated exclusively for CARITA as a gift to the women who appreciate the essence of Haute Beauté."

You can purchase yours at Carita Direct 50 ML for $98 and 100 ML for $125.

If you're shopping for a Valentine's Day fragrance for yourself or someone else, you should definitely give this bottle a try. Just for the record, I don't work for Carita. This is my honest opinion based on a sample I received.

What perfume will you be wearing for Valentine's Day?