Solo Vacation ---together Pt 2

The trip to Europe was successful, It was a wonderful experience . I met up with my wife and her sister
a couple of hours of my wife's arrival. It took a major leap of faith to go all that way not knowing if or
when I'd get there.
Over all it was good thing, but with a few bumps along the way. There was a even chance that I could
show up at all and when I did the look on everyone face told it all, ( I felt like I was a lost dog that now I
was there they couldn't kick me out in the street ) Even my wife's face was like , wow now what do we do.
But after that we went to dinner and they took me in.
We took in the sights and enjoyed the stay, ( to be honest, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law went out
of their way to make sure I had reservations to the museums they had made)
It was a little awkward and a couple of times things got heated but nothing earthshaking. We finally got out own room for a night and i felt better that we could be alone for a while. I'm glad I went and my wife "says" she is too ,but I'm not sure. (this will not happen again)
I am fighting for my marriage, and probably my life . I'm still fighting to know how we got to this situation and
what I could have done to prevent it. I know therapy is in my future, maybe both of us. (She says that she will do what it takes to make it right between us) So far she is trying.
After a couple of weeks now, I haven't heard from my brother-in-law at all, not sure what that means. With the holidays coming we will need to get together and sort the pictures out, .
I am interested in what people think of my situation.