Soulfest Gathering

II just got to sit here and write a good piece about Soulfest Christian gathering since I have been there in the same area before. It is a group of about one hundered thousand people representing a broad spectrum of church groups and offers lots of variety of music and good hometown music. The artist and bands lined up to play this two week festival is really woth the ride and yes you can go camping right on the grounds in fact they encourage everyone to bring the camping equipment. This festival is held every year at Gunstock Ski area which is a really pretty place to be and enjoy nature as there is alot to see and hear in this beautiful place of Franconia New Hampshire which is surrounded by mountains and lots of pretty forests. If you get a chance to go to this unique festival that is held once a year you will not be disappointed in being there as there is much to do at one of these events. It costs about 400 dollars to go to it depending on what state your coming from and that includes ticket prices for all the events and gas,food of your own,spending cash and other things you will want being there. It takes about a 8 hour drive to reach this place and be prepared for the fact that it is very rural and not much is around you but it does make a great summer vacation for you or your whole family. If you wnat to chesse ball it you could skimp on some things and do for less cost but you will lose some of the fun you will be having if you go cheaper. So do bring your camp gear and have a really great time with meeting lots of new interesting people that you will be able to get to know and have fun with them. You will meet life long friends and maybe the love of your life there if you are single man or women looking for companoinship. If you like camping and fishing,music then you should go to this event and be prepared to have a really fun time as they do lots of cool events including fireworks displays every night and the stage concerts shows and light show is the best you will ever get to see all in the time you are there. While you are there don't forget to explore the beauty and natural wonders of the area and enjoy all it has to offer including hiking,rock climbing,fishing gold panning and much more available to the would be explorer. Go have fun on August 6th and let the people of faith and the world know you love God and Jesus and have a fantastic vaction in Franconia New Hampshire.. Smile!!!