Starting Over!!

Well, after too long a time of forgetting about my personal blog here I have decided to come back and start doing some relly cool stuf on this page. I have been very busy on another blog that I publish on Blogger and completely forgot about this for admittedly quite a long time. This was my first attempt at writing a online forum and after a while in between being so busy with my multi businesses and so many other thing left this to unfortunately to die on here. I am back in the chair and have a lot of new content and things to publish on here so watch for a major changes coming to this old blog. I got big plans for this blog and you will begin to see them sooner and lots of new pictures,videos to be included here. I have another blog which I have been successfully publishing for a few years now and you can check out the link now.....
To add to all that I am now publishing on as a Journalist on CNN I-Reports,YouTube, my very own music on Tune Core,Reverbnation,Ourstage,I-Tunes,several magazines,newspapers and also making movies with Paramont Studios etc. as a actor all of which keep me very busy and I am also in several business ventures as well so that keeps me hopping all week long.. Look for new stuff here weekly and you will be surprised at how much change I am making so stay tuned to this page and enjoy the new feel of it and please comment regularly on my work.
Have a really blessed day and enjoy it!!.