Are You STILL Paying for Cell Phone Service??

Everyone uses their cell phone every day. It's unthinkable not to be able to stay in touch with your family, friends, and clients anywhere we go and anywhere we are. I've made calls from parking lots to elevators. It is a way of life that most of us just can't live with out. BUT!! what price do we pay for such an easy way to stay connected?

Solavei and T-Mobile have teamed up to offer the best mobile service ever. What would you think about unlimited 4G talk, text, data for only $49.00 a month with NO contract. Sign up for this incredible offer before October 31, 2012 and your first months bill is FREE. Got a phone with a sim card in it and you can BYOP bring your own phone and Solavei will pay for your sim card too. A $29 value FREE if you get in before the months end. No one in the mobile phone industry has ever offered this outstanding way to save money every month.

But wait, there is more!! What if there were a way you could earn your mobile service for a discount or even FREE. Everyone I know out there is facing some kind of hardship because of what this awful economy has done. We now have a way to help them save on their much needed mobile service just by telling them about Solavei. What is in it for me you ask? Sign up a trio of 3 people and earn $20. 2 trios and you earn $40. The more people you help, the more you earn. If you talked to Joe and he signed up and he signed up a trio, you also earn from his signups as well. If we all work together, we can make a difference just like Solavei is trying to do for us by giving us this opportunity.

Solavei is committed to helping the average person save money and make money too. Solavei could have put the money back into a 2-5 million dollar advertising campaign but instead they decided to try to help everyone who is struggling in this terrible economy! No one else but Solavei could reach out to help everyone in the way they have designed this plan.

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