Stop the Runaway Train!

What we've got here is an unstoppable train. The Kingdom of Hell is very busy manipulating highly centralized systems through temptation and sophisticated computer technology to suck power from politicians heads, who suck it out of constituents' pocketbooks, depleting their incentive to produce goods and services, resulting in a terrible deficit, a general draining of our national, as well as the world's economy.

How do you stop the runaway train? You have to put on the brakes. As a former forest fireman, I found the way to stop a fire is to starve it of fuel. The fuel which keeps Hell as well as centralized systems going is raw power. So to effectively put on the brakes, the idea is to do what Gandhi did, drain the power so Hell can't suck it up. Essentially the original system is a decentralized system, where one person counts as one vote, and no more. Once the power is drained through meditation, grounding it back into the Earth, Hell has nothing to feed on, so it collapses on itself.

How about it. Would you rather be ruled by a centralized cesspool, Hell, or serve yourself in decentralized Heaven?