Sweepstakes for National Singles Week...Because Single is In!

"[W]hat it does bring home to us is that we can no longer pretend that marriage is the central organizing principle of society?"
- Historian Stephanie Coontz

There's been a rash of studies and news articles lately on the declining marriage rate and the subsequent rise in single people. Two that I've seen a lot of include:

Looks like the rest of the country is finally starting to figure out what I've known for a long time: not only is being single not bad, it can be pretty good.

In 1960, 72% of all adults ages 18 and older were married; today, just 51% are. While many of those who are not married used to be -they're divorced or widowed- 28% have never been married, which is almost twice as many as in 1960. Something's happening.

When I first started writing my book, The Spinsterlicious Life, people would look puzzled when I would say "it's about being happily single." Now, just a short year later, that same conversation often ends with "that's great" or, at least, "that's interesting"; but I don't get "huh?" as much anymore.

But this whole marriage-no marriage conversation is not a simple one. Read more: http://eleanorewells.com/news-flash-its-national-singles-week-and-being-single-is-hot/