Technology in Felicia Smith's World

I have technology to enhance my life. Technology brings me into the world of my daughter. She is in the U.S military. When I need to see her face, I turn to technology to bring her home. I can turn on the Skype, or Facebook and get an update of her busy life, which makes my life a little better. I have also used technology to further my education via online courses. I was able to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Sociology, because using online technology made it convenient and flexible, to work around my job schedule. On my job, I have to use technology to upload data, whereas I use to write everything by hand. It quicker plus, I can pull and access data at the touch of a key instead of hunting through tons of paperwork, that often get misplaced. I enjoy social media outlet by using technology, when I am at home and feeling too tired and lazy after a hectic week, I browse the websites to catch up on friends and read my emails and of course shopping. Technology has transformed the way we live, from an agricultural society to using computers to transport, build and create modern society. We use technology from punching in codes to bank or buying groceries, by swiping credit and debit cards. Some people or intimidated by technology and others embraced the "I have a new iPhones, pads and tablets" to becomes a trendy "Techy" person. I never thought the record business could evolve the way it has, because of podcast and downloads, it a little more challenging for me, than my daughter. I was simply accustomed to turning on the radio. She finds iPods and mp3's are way more simplified. The music is there at the touch of a button and downloading is way less bothersome, than going to the mall for a cd. I must admit, I have a cultural lag in technology, yet I do intend to keep learning, just at a slower pace.