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Though Doherty made his run look easy (after several unsuccessful tries), consider that MegaRamp skateboarders must soar at least 70 feet across one gap, land on a downhill ramp leading to a sheer quarterpipe wall. They then must soar high above the quarterpipe and negotiate a successful landing without anything but hands and gravity to keep the board underfoot.

(To get an idea of how heavy the consequences may be for MegaRamp riders, see footage of Jake Brown's world-famous slam during the 2007 X Games. Brown, somehow, made a full recovery.)

In recent years, a handful of younger skaters have boldly climbed to the top of the MegaRamp, zoomed downward and never looked back.

Most notable among this younger generation was Mitchie Brusco, who last year, at 14, became only the second person to perform a 900-degree rotation above the quarterpipe wall. MegaRamp pioneer Bob Burnquist was the first to land a 900, in 2010.