Thanksgiving Make-Ahead Recipes

Start With The Basics:

Brined Dijon Turkey with Pan Gravy
- Carve the turkey, and plate with the gravy up to two days before for the moistest meat ever! Before sitting down to eat, just reheat. Get the recipe here!

Layer on The Side:

Sweet Potato & Apple Gratin
- Thinly sliced sweet potatoes and apples get even more flavorful when stacked together with onion sauce up to two days ahead. Get the recipe here!

Fancy The Finger Foods:

Cornmeal Stuffing Muffins
- Get your stuffing fix in muffin form: These light and fluffy treats can be baked in advance, then bagged and frozen. Let thaw and reheat. Get the recipe here!

Mix Up The Salad:

Walnut & Cranberry Broccoli Salad -
Blanch the florets in advance, then toss and serve this easy salad at room temperature. Get the recipe here!

Sweet Dessert:

Caramel-Pear Trifle
- This sweet and fruity confection can be made two days in advance and dusted withconfectioners' sugar. Bonus: letting this trifle refrigerate for two days allows the flavors to maximize! Get the recipe here!

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