The basic root cause for police failures is a must to be searched in the interest of the survival of he national unity. and fighting terrorism. in India

The position the Country has to cut before other countries,( friends and foes) due to our governance policies in respect to the organizing of our civil and para defence forces who have been loyal to the off and on changing authorities but never caring about their duties to wards the country and its reputation. As is recently publicly known in the arrerst of Khan a terrorist supposed to be in pakistan as absconding but by chance deducted moving freely in Mumbai in India. That to save the governance of the poorly controled offices under the ministry it is so easily given acceptance as human erro by the government is a self guilt but trying for to forget and excuse the police and associated force responsible for this type of games. Why because the police force has become adicted to trying their battons on Teachers, lawers business men and workers on the personal grudges of their bosses or like just to get favors from them in spite of knowing that this type of brutal force is not meant on the citizen. Here is the point that during the selection of recruiting the police men in all the states is done at the whims of the local governance, very often based on caste , religion and reservation quota etc. This type of selection of the para military forces is just the opposite of the recruitment of the armed forces in India, which is world by known as the best and most effective system. Our senior officials feel confident that their police force is very competent but the fact is otherwise which may be easily confirmed by any sting operations on the police manning the roads or highways who are likly to give permission to any body or any type of whickle to enter in ther city just for a mere some of money etc. It is a dangerous sighn for us that any time some enemy could avail this type of entry to reach to their target as the terrorist may like So now the age old system of recruting of police force as advised by the British rulers may be stopped and a new system like that of armed forces may be employed keeping the interest of the nation and not to whimsical persons.;