The Case Of Mystery Search Engine + Homepage Zapper

Do you recall being told "by friends and maybe even foes," read the fine print, Read The Fine Print!!,never,
no, never sign until you have strolled thru pages and pages of "fine" print.

I will not tell a "fib",(little white lie, or show I say a " blue lie), Alright, I started the long road of reading and around page 5 or maybe it was 6, I stopped, saying to my inter voice, "ok, looks good so far, and if it's not what i want, I can delete & free up space....(but was I ever wrong), my fellow "surf buddies," there are pitfalls that screams, "read all of me!!! READ, READ, READ, but we listern , or in my case, read-a -little, really understand Absolutely ----Nothing.

Having given you my avenue route of getting to an unwanted , search engine--sneaky homepage zapper,here I arrive at my homepage destination, in comes F.E.A.R. search engine Highjacker....

After F.E.A.R. took over my computer,it started to gain more than a foot hold, more to the tone of " a foot and a half -hold. Really headed for the rabbit hole, very fast, my friend.

First , lost all " favorites, bookmarks, notes, daily ,weekly and even , monthly list. Gone were my appointment lists, as I ventured for my reminders page, (with fingers crossed, --all fingers but one) and even with bated breath, it occured to this computer veteran ,,all may not be so bad, maybe all is not lost, but, The idea of F.E.A.R. set in my mind, in my very consciousness, "my soul, Where is my daily prayer pages? my hi-5 friends notes, ? my jokes, my pick -me-up pages?

With tears in my eyes, I tried to take back all the control that was snatched away, with one click, my orgininal search engine, and homepage.....But to no avail, they were gone forever,and what do you think happen next?

Streaming accross my computer screen is something that makes me want to close my system down, is
F.E.A.R.'s Fine print page it states The contract agreement is have been pranked......!!! Gotcha !!!!!

Constraints ---straight Ahead