The corruption of varied type of which one may be removable by the judiciary system if any change is added right from the lowest level of the judiciary courts system.

In India after the recent Anti corruption movement forced the governance to introduce and make a bill to tackle this rampant corruption spreading as uncontrollable cancer, we have to first find it out as to where and on whom it hurts first then starts the chain reaction. on the Indians right from the poorest man to the highest member of the society. AS IN OUR GEETA lord Krishna told that one always follows the higher one for what he does and copies so we should try to strike a method that at first one corruption at the top must be halted and the ladder on which it goes to the top must b e destroyed. from the bottom.. That we should at the first stage of any legal dispute or activity keep to monitor that if it goes to higher court and found the judgement reversed and that there is repetition of other cases being reversed should after being monitored the magistrate or the judge may be either dis qualified or removed on the count of his being unqualified to understand the required law of the land. Thus the people agrieved may be satisfied and the fellow will definitely never try corrupt practice to get his work done by false practice..