The Fed Has Lost Reality

I read in this morning's paper where the Fed is messing around with economic gadgets, trying to boost the economy. He can't figure out why the U.S. economy remains so sluggish. Instead of playing with economic toys, why not ask 50 million American peasants why they have to be so damned poor. If the Fed would like to see people spend more, why not put more discretionary income in their pockets? If the Fed would like to see the country produce more, why not open up more jobs to the rest of us instead of giving everything to the top 10%? The hell with paper qualifications. If a person can do the job, let him/her do it. Create incentive to spend, create incentive to work. Otherwise, people lock the brakes on the economy with their disillusionment. The way out of recession is to inspire 50 million people, not defeat them.