The feelings of one hurt is felt by him only and who else care and feels for him is very sincerely shown by the governance by inflicting petroleum order on the pockets of poor considered as little burden

The governance of India as dazzled by the global false radiance of converting the poor country to the standard of capitalist countries but with no finance of its own treasure and wasting all the residual money collected from the pockets of the whole of the people from beggars ,poor and the laborers for their travels attending 5 star Hotels and arranging international activities so as to cause scams and bungling and corruption by their un- controlled officers some of them now under scanning of law and in jail etc. The government has behaved as those people who have no knowledge of how millions of us are cooking and getting items of our meals from distant places which the petroleum products by being now made costly to the extent that,majority of us either have to eat in cutting to less rotties and other items for keeping ourselves to brink of starvation.- already that has been.. The four of the persons that rule the law in India are just out of touch from the facts or behave so as to please those Indian enemies that may feel the pleasure of our sufferings It is like in Hindi a saying as GHAYAL KI GATTI GHAYAL HE JAANEY AUR JAANEY NAA KOI. As these persons like have no shortage of any thing and enjoy as if they are better than the Britishers of yore who made us slaves., and now these are proud of them and now disown Gandhiji and his philosphy.