The problem of corruption is it to be understood or suffered by how many or by those who have no knowledge of its suffering?

One professor of some foreign University today in the TOI newspaper has it own interpretation in an article on the two type of corruption of which he thinks that many people have no knowledge to under stand it, so he it seems to say that the Agitation of Indian majority lead by Mr ANNA Hazare is just an extempore without serious following and with no fixed direction to control etc. but on the propaganda of T.V. channels and internet to get the support of mobs etc. But it is agreed that the public mostly un employed or with no hobby to pass time may be affected by TY but not in the news which hardly people are interested rather they do waste their time in plays mostly to their taste and to disturb the Indian culture. As regards Internet only few students(Who have got computers) do play with,thus to say that the media has played part to it is simply a thought of those whom the professor may say how many have really understood corruption. This is right that a few people in authority in governance may have been knowing but the question raised by the Civil Society was not of knowing but as to how many have been suffering for decades but they were without any guide since Mr Anna Hazare ji took it under his banner. It is BANDEY MATRAM AND INQUILAB SLOGANS THAT WORKED now as have been working through out revolutions in India. It is point to see why it has been so for so many decades that those who knew and under stood the corruption could not do any thing- may be it would have affected some influtions now been caught in scams etc. It is self explanatory that who suffered and had been face to face with the corruption did let the governance what is corruption and how could it be controlled .