.THE PROBLEM SOLVER : middle school!!!! part 1

Hey!!! It's Cierra. I am freaking out about middle school!!! Every time I think about going I feel sickish. Somtime I picture my self walking down a long hallway with lockers lined up along me. I am holding a math book , and a folder . I am really scared of the idea . And it is only 23 days away. When I was in 5th grade... I was at the top of my school!! but now I will be a freashmen in middle school!!! I will have to leave all my friends!! I probably wont know anyone but like 5 peolpe at my new school. My mom told me that it was not as scary as I thought!! But that just made me feel even worse about the whole thing. And she said " The best part of going to a new school is that you get to start all over again. You can change your look, hair , and even your personality!!! I felf just a little better. But I was still really scared!!!! I need your help!! please give me some pointers about middle school. Tell me about your first day of 6th grade. Anything to help me to survive middle school!!! Thanks!!!