The Reformation of the Middle Manager

There is a widening chasm between Conservatives and Liberals in Congress. It is destined to get worse because each side is not listening to one another, but remain staunch in their ideologies. How do you fit a square peg into a round hole? What America needs is the reemergence of a go-between, a middle manager.

Years ago that was just my job: to act as a go-between to get overhead management and Native village crews to work together to put the fire out. We need such an agent all over America to get everyone to interact to get the job done. Let's get off the escape drugs and get into interaction!

For example, Conservatives think they need tax cuts to create jobs in the private sector. Liberals wish to create jobs in government, or the social sector. What difference does it make whether a person has a job in the private or social sector as long as the job gets done. People like meaningful jobs where they can interact without fear of losing their jobs. So many middle managers, including me, lost their jobs because they were not afraid to tell it like it is, to get union and management to settle their differences in an honest manner, and hence, make the job situation work. The middle manager can work with both sides to find a solution to job problems, so everyone works on an even keel.

Congress needs to see eye to eye, as well as America. If you need a stimulus, hire the middle manager!