The support for Jan Lokpal bill is if not for the recent Elitists now behind the bars then for whom, those in wait after the jailed elitist gang now behind the bars.

The article by one Mr Gupta writing in the Times of India on "Anna has taken its eyes off issues that bother the average citizen" is another show of the media support for the corrupt and to divert the attention of the public from the fight for anti corruption to favor the corruption by pointing that the average citizen is bothering for bread and butter and not corruption of the elite under the nose of the governance with the Prime Minister as the Head of the affair that has caused losses of millions of carores to the nation thus making the lower governance as popper in terms of money to feed and maintain the average citizen of various ailments causing a good numbers of the poor persons to suicides. If an survey ever is to be be made who is the more corrupt among the Elites or the poor ,the fact will be out that it is at the top elite and their colaberators in business community'. The the gentleman Mr Gupta will perhaps will find his full article as bogus and a blur on the profession instead to put the facts before the public it may not try toi miss guide