The Truth About "Love" and "Being in Love" Cont.4

To those that are single,I would hope that these words would be taken with you and that it helps you. Both male and female. I believe, if you would share these words the moment it is agreed with your new partner that you both can see a long relationship with the other, then you both have a great chance of accomplishing that. Be honest in the very beginning about your feelings. Lay them out without fear of loosing you new partner and love. If fear should occur, press through them. For then you can experience disappointment sooner rather than later. Sooner often has the least damaging effects and the healing process is much quicker. Also, life have the tendency to surprise you pleasantly for such actions.

To those who are already in a relationship and finding out that it is not all that you hoped it to be, you now know why that is so. You can stay together and experience the feeling of repeated "new love" or "falling in love", followed by "being in love' through continual hardships. If the damage has already been great, the relationship has been dropped many times already, and one of you are out the water of "being in love", then I advise to be extra mindful in playing the character of being "in love" very well. Best time to make the move is when you realize that you both are talking again. I will admit, I am unsure of how promising the relationship will be using my advice. I am putting my own advice to the test as we speak. For after this blog, I will be sharing this with my own partner. I do encourage that the one who finds this advice also share it with their partner asap as well. I also suggest to randomly ask the person in the most welcoming tone "Can you read something for me and tell me what you think?" To each their own, I do know. Get creative as you must. If I am not mistaken there may be secret road to marriage found amongst the forest of these words.

I wish you all, the best in romance. Remember that using this knowledge may prevent a lot of other issues. "Fireproof" is a great template to aid you in your quest. It is a plus if you are Christian. Works well with your faith. For those who may not share Christian views, there are many other aspects of sense that can be pulled from it and used combined with your own religious views (if any).