The unattended wrath of the citizens of India and the dilatory tactics of the of bye passing the affects of the ANSHAN of Shri ANNA by a governance is just to inflict injury on the wounds of the nation.

Shri ANNA ji though still in High Spirits but likely to gradually suffer health problems is being deliberately not heard by the band of four of the governance, thinking that he is playing a drama and collected mass people by some foul tactics but the band instead is bringing some people as a fake law maker of lokpal Bill to counter the Bill written by the Civil Society and trying to give it prominence by the TV Media interview etc just to miss direct the public ., thinking and knowing to their ignorance of the genuine difficulties the public has been facing to the brink of the last post for survival of existence etc. due to the deadly affect of the corruption that was sowed by all these years of the so called development and the globalization done by the present government under the some officers now after committing ghjotalas etc are in jail. That is why the governance is trying to block the Lokpal bill of HAZARE and party In our mythoigy when the sin fills the cup it over flows the cup.. The citizens all of different grades accordingly are coming to attend Hazare ji and seek his blessings, lest this is the last peaceful agitation may not be foiled buy the haughty Governance by their alien behavior to the nation, considering them as above the nation but a ruler as dictator. In Hindi it is "IS GHAR KO AAG LAG GAI GHAR KEY HI CHIRAAG SEY.