Things to Do on V-Day: Hail a Condom Cab

Trojan Safe Rides TaxiTrojan Safe Rides TaxiBy Melissa Wall for HowAboutWe

Did you know that, according to Nielsen data, condoms sell better the week of Valentine's Day than any other week of the year? Trojan certainly does, which is likely why they've dubbed February National Condom Month.

Whether or not you're contributing to this mid-winter sex surplus, you can still benefit from it if you live in New York City. On Valentine's Day, three "Trojan Safe Rides" taxis will be roaming downtown Manhattan, offering free rides to anyone who's lucky enough to hail them (they will make you take a quiz about sexual health, but that's never a bad topic to learn more about). The cabs will be operating from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., and they'll be sticking primarily to Greenwich Village and the NYU main campus (so no free rides to Harlem, alas). If safe driving is your worry, fear not: a Trojan rep will administer the sex ed quizzes, so cab drivers won't be distracted (or at least, any more distracted than usual).

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The advantages: you get a free ride (and potentially learn something about sex health and safety). We also assume there are a few free condoms in the deal.

The disadvantages: you have to ride in a cab with a big condom on it.

Worth it? We'll let you be the judge.

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