Three Things Making You Poor This Week

No small change! These things can really dig into your budget.*Thanks to the drought affecting much of the United States, food prices continue to rise. Last week, we mentioned an increase in produce prices, particularly corn and soybeans. Now, both beef and poultry prices are expected to increase soon, with beef prices rising 4 to 5 percent.

You may not have control over rising beef and poultry prices but you can keep your grocery bill steady by purchasing and consuming less meat. Here are a few tips on going meat-free (even a day of vegetarian meals will help) and some easy meatless recipes. Not sure you're ready to take the plunge? Use these tips to stretch out grocery staples.

*If an amazing offer to go the 2012 Olympics appears in your inbox, beware! With all the hype of the approaching games, scammers are taking notice and sending emails with the sole intention of stealing your information--and your money. So far, 124 scams have been detected. Many of the emails are disguised as being from the Olympic games themselves, or from corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nokia, and Ford Motor Company.

*The idea of an inheritance may have gone the way of black and white televisions for Baby Boomers. In 2005, Allianz reported that 22% of Boomers' parents felt that they owed their children an inheritance. Now, that number has dropped to 14%. Instead, the money is being spent on health care and good times with the family, according to CNNMoney.

Baby Boomers may not get their inheritance, but things look better for college graduates hoping to pay off their debt soon. Some local governments are willing to help students pay off loans, but there is a catch. Young people hoping to move to cities such as Chicago or New York City will have to change their plans and settle in cities such as Niagra Falls, N.Y. or various places in the Midwest. The efforts are part of an attempt to revitalize depressed areas by attracting educated young people to work and live in these cities.