Top 10 Gift Ideas for Millennials

A portable turntable and your favorite vinyl is a perfect gift for a millennial.

Not sure what to get that 20-something on your holiday gift-giving list? Don't even think about buying that ugly, oversized sweater at the department store. From concert tickets to cool gadgets, here are 10 gift ideas for millennials, so you can focus on the other hard-to-buy giftees on your list.

1. Tickets - Whether it's a concert or a sporting event, a pair of tickets is an easy gift idea. Check out the tour dates of their favorite band, or pick up tickets to a game of their favorite sports team.

2. Samsung Galaxy S 4 or the Galaxy S 4 Mini - These phones are really cool gadgets. Between the 13 megapixel camera with loads of features on the Galaxy S 4 and the compact, but fully-functional Galaxy S 4 Mini, the millennial on your list will have no problem sharing their latest photos on their favorite social networking sites.

3. Tech accessories - From tablet cases to phone covers to car chargers, pick up tech accessories for the items they use daily. Extra battery kits and headphones are useful, and for the athlete, a wearable heart rate monitor that works with a phone app is like having a personal running coach.

4. App store gift card - To accompany a new Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S 4 Mini, purchase a gift card to app store Google Play. They'll be able to choose from the latest entertaining and useful apps for their phone.

5. Video or music service subscription - A subscription to a video or music service will keep any 20-something entertained while on the go or at home. It's often a budget-friendly gift option, too, as most subscription services are around $10 per month.

6. Go analog - Vinyls are gaining popularity again, so pick up your favorite vinyl at a record store to share. A vintage board game or a classic novel are also great ideas for those who are typically glued to a screen.

7. A turntable - Of course, they'll need a record player to listen to that vinyl you bought at the record store. Choose a turntable that is compact and portable for a gift they will treasure for years to come.

8. Charity donation - Does the person you're shopping for have everything? Show the millennial in your life that you know what they really care about and make a donation to a charity or organization that will make a difference.

9. Wall art - If their apartment or home has a few blank walls, choose a piece of wall art that will complement their personality and decor. Options include cool photographs to prints of inspirational phrases. Have the art matted and framed for a keepsake they will value.

10. Gift cards - Lastly, if you're out of options, a gift card to their favorite store will do the trick. Let them choose what they really want. They'll thank you for not having to stand in line to return that oversized sweater you considered gifting.

Content by Ali Cherie.