Tyra Banks is over Top Model—gearing up to be next Oprah

Rob Loud/Getty ImagesRob Loud/Getty Images
There's drama on the set of America's Next Top Model and insiders say it might be time for Tyra Banks to pack her bags and go home. Problem number 1: friction with photo shoot creative director Jay Manuel. "It's gotten so bad that Tyra and Jay aren't speaking," a source tells OK! "Tyra barely interacts with the contestants and only wants to show up on judging day." But Tyra seems so involved! She really cares about these girls! Oh please don't tell us this is a mere reality show illusion!

"She's really throwing all her weight behind her talk show," says an insider. Tyra's been busting her ass to get huge guests like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, hoping it'll land her Oprah-caliber power." She got a taste of playing with the big boys and now Top Model seems to detract from her big plans." Net result? Tyra wouldn't comment on the scoop, but we're already brainstorming an over-the-top supermodel replacement to host. We'll be saying a prayer for Naomi Campbell's takeover every night. [OK!]