Um... Why is Kim Kardashian Wearing What Looks like a Wedding Dress?

Well, this is alarming: Kim Kardashian Tweeted out a pic of herself wearing what looks like a wedding dress. Is she getting ready to walk down the aisle AGAIN?
-Lucia Peters,

The last time we asked the question, "Um, why is fill-in-the-blank wearing a wedding dress?,"Lady Gaga's name filled in the aforementioned blank. Now, though, we're asking it again… and this time, that blank is being filled by Kim Freaking Kardashian. This one is little more alarming than Gaga's, no?

Kim Tweeted the above photo at 1:32am on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (whichever you prefer), along with the message:

That there is a long, backless embroidered gown, which was presumably designed by Emilio Pucci (given the accompanying hashtag Kim so kindly included). Also, is it just us, or does it look not totally dissimilar to Bella's Carolina Herrera wedding dress from Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (with a less demure back, that is)?

Bella wedding dressBella wedding dress

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KIM. WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED ABOUT RUSHING INTO MARRIAGE. Yes, you are head over heels for Kanye West (even if he did make you throw out your entire wardrobe). Yes, you have said that you're already envisioning growing old with him. Yes, we know you still want your fairy tale. BUT KIM. You and Kanye have been dating roughly six months. You got engaged to Kris Humphries after only dating him for eight months, and we all know how that turned out. You have also been married once before (when you were probably too young for it), and THAT one didn't end terribly well, either. Take a step back. Think about what you're doing. And hold your damn horses for once.

Of course, it's always possible that this isn't a wedding gown; it might just be a regular old white gown. In fact, I'm kind of hoping that this is the case. White isn't a typical choice for a red carpet look, though; usually, it IS, in fact, reserved mostly for weddings (unless you're Kate Hudson and you're wearing a suit). Also,we're unclear as to why the fitting had to happen at 1:32am. Hmmm.

Tell us: What do you think, Bettys? Is Kim getting ready to walk down the aisle again, or is a case of a white gown being just a white gown?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential's associate editor.

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