Underground Dirt Details

Hey everyone! My name is Ye'Lo Biohazard! I'm glad you chose my blog to read today! This is my very first blog posting so please do not be too crucial on feedback and conversations.

So let me break it down to you. Today, I'm giving you the 4-1-1 on what my future blogs shall be about. I am an author of this book I have in my friend circle called "The Underground Dirt" book. It has hilarious sayings in it that my friends and I say randomly when we are either bored, having a great time together, or maybe even getting down at a party! This book shows the inside of a teenagers mind who some people may call "different."

All I am here to do is show you guys what we say and what we do randomly. My Yahoo account is where you can get the freshest updates of the Dirt Chronicles and coming soon you will be able to go to my groups YouTube channel. Whenever we create it and download new videos of readings in the book! So if you would love to become a fan now while no one knows us I do assure you when we become viral (because of your help) that I will personally contact you myself of any activity going on.

So now posting this, who's ready to laugh their butts off?

I only ask that people start following my blogs so my friends and I can have the support we need in order to make this big. Its only a dream that my friends and I came up with...
Please help to make it come true. Help us by sharing my blogs, linking to my facebook, and twitter. Eventually even view the YouTube videos I shall be posting soon.