Underground Dirt Pg. 1-2

Hey! Welcome to the first blog post of the Underground Dirt book! My name is Ye'Lo Biohazard and i'm the author of this book! This blog only consists of pages 1-2. Thanks for reading! If you want more details on what is this book all about, go to my very first blog post which was "Underground Dirt Details."

(Names have been edited for friends safety)

*Alejandro* - Physical note: Brains die when he smells Mandarin Orange Lipton tea. It also smells like Flintstones vitamins.
*Skates* - "What if they changed Pokemon into Pokeman?"
*Skates* - "What if God was a Pikachu?"
*Pokemon Retarded Theory* - #1: Pikachu can learn "Fly."
*Mutts* - "I make big strong man out of you!"
*Alejandro* - "Looks like pee, smells like vitamins, and tastes like oranges!"
*Potter* - "So you like eating grown men with skin on it?"
*Day* - "Pink turtles and ice cubes, call that shit squirtle! Water gun, watergun, oh my god, so much fun"
*Alejandro* - "No, I'm not going to fuck it, lick it, jizz on it, then lick the jizz off..."
*Day* - "Go to sleep sleepy time cookie."
*Skye* - "Really dude, really? You suck dick for poptarts now?"
*Alejandro* - "I NEED GINGER FOR MY VEINS!!!!"
*Day* - "You wanna be c-c-c-cautious?!"
*Ant* - "CRENACK!!!!"
*Alejandro + Ant* - Alejandro: "Son, smell this T-Bag, no homo.
Ant: "Is this good weed son?"

Thats the end of pages 1-2. For more please keep a look out for new blogs every Monday and Friday.
Thanks for reading!