Update on Manage Your Life

Hi everyone,

It's been exciting to watch Manage Your Life become such a popular category on Shine.

While it's only been 2 weeks, Manage Your Life is already full of great user posts centered on work, money, DIY home projects, and more. Dory has been hard at work personally selecting posts to feature. So congratulations to everyone who has earned featured placement, you've set the bar high for all of us bloggers.

I have one additional item to share. Some of the Manage Your Life posts that were moved from Work + Money and At Home are now displaying HTML code. If this has happened to your post, here is an easy way to fix it:

1. Click on the "Manage" link under your user name to get to your "Manage Your Blog" page.

2. Click the "Edit" link next to the blog post affected.

3. The default view will be the "Visual" view (see tab in top right corner of text field). Make a copy of your post in "Visual" view and paste it into "HTML" view.

4. Click the "Post this Entry" button to save your work.

Thanks again to everyone's support and keep up the great blogging!