VIDEO: Don't Buy That! Top Four Unnecessary Beauty Products

By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

Brush cleanser
While these can be useful, they are quite expensive, considering you can use regular shampoo or baby shampoo for the same job.

Eyebrow gel
You can replace this expense by getting a little bit of hairspray onto your finger or a spoolie (brow brush), and brushing out your brows with it.

Dermatologists question the usefulness of toner because just wetting your face can also prime it for better absorption of skin-care products. Some types of oily skin could benefit from the product, but as a whole, most women can skip it.

Face primer

Primer is meant to extend the wear of your foundation and provide a barrier between your skin and the foundation. Although it's not a bad product to have, most foundations already have primers in them. Also, simply applying a facial moisturizer works in the same way.

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