VIDEO: How to Perfectly Match Foundation to Your Shade

By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

I think it's happened to the best of us: A new line of foundation catches our eye, the salesperson is friendly and convincing, and you go home with some new makeup. It looked great on you at the counter, but the next morning, before work, you find yourself colorful and splotchy in the mirror.

Consider that your past. Here are some tips to help you get the correct shade of foundation every time.

Start with three shades

First, choose three foundation shades that you think are closest to your foundation shade. Then swipe each shade on your jawline. There is a common misconception that you can swatch for your foundation shade on your wrist. This is an incorrect way to match for your shade because your wrist is generally lighter than your face. Then after you have applied the foundation shades to your jawline look to see which one disappears into your skin tone; that is the correct shade for you.

Check in sunlight

Now even though the color might look good inside the store, the lightening will distort how the foudnation actually looks like in natural lighting. Make sure to take a minute to go outside and check how it looks in a mirror. If the foundation is too dark or light is will be really obvious.

Take a sample home
Most counters and makeup stores will be more than willing to make you a sample to take home and test. This way you can see if the foundation oxidizes on you, as in it turns orange, or if it is too moisturizing or not moisturizing enough. Check to see if your pores are minimized or emphasized, and also check to see the wear time. A good foundation should last at least 8 hours. Taking a sample home will help minimize the chance of having to return a full sized product you are unsatisfied with.

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