It's the Weekend Baby!!

Happy Friday!!

My favorite day of the week is Friday and yes for obvious reasons! :-D
No matter what is going on during the week, I fully enjoy spending full days with Teeny Minnie and the love of my life Virgil!! We always have the best of times together no matter what we are doing... Tonight is the Improv show at the Theatre which is always unexpected madness and caps off any week jovially!

This weekend we are visiting friends on Vashon Island...I love this island because of the vast beauty, fresh air and untamed wilderness ...when we are there I feel like we are the only humans on the hummmm of power lines, no cell phones... it is sooo awesome...

We will do some camping and fishing of course and then there is a big breakfast of french toast and fresh, wild blackberries for breakfast.


Camping supplies are always very important and I hate to forget to pack something - so of course I have my
1. Tent - I pack light but powerfully so I am bringing the Coleman
2. Sleeping bags - the ones that keep you warm down to 30 degrees, since the weather calls for temps down to 40 degrees this weekend
3. Deep woods OFF - this is mainly for me, critters do NOT respect personal space - so a little repellent goes a long way! I am going to try out the new clip on OFF this weekend as well as my regular pump spray - hopefully, the new clip will be magic but if not, I am bringing old faithful...
4. Emergency Rations - I am bringing beff jerky, bottled water, dried appricots and raisins, peanut butter, crackers, sardines, oysters, transitor radio (solar) ...
5. Keeping it clean - baby wipes and garbage bags.
6. Camera for those awesome pictures that I don't want to ever forget.
7. Extra long johns and 2 additional sets of clothes and 1 extra set of comfy, hiking boots.

Now this is my list, Virgil is responsible for the majority of the supplies - which of course, he is amazing at. I just focus on my things to do list...

Ready, Set, Go!

Now whatever you are doing this weekend - make it great!