Weights & Measurements

If you didn't read my last blogs, here is what you missed from allnaturalwellnesscoach@yahoo.com:

The 1st step to improving your health is to take responsibility for your own quality of life. Once you stop blaming other people, your circumstances, your previous experiences, etc. you will officially take responsibility for your own quality of life and then its up to YOU and YOU alone to change.

Step 2 is to talk to your doctor to access the damage. Do you have a thyroid problem? Heart problems? Asthma? Anemia? What are you allergic to? Is your birth control making you gain weight? etc. These are things you need to know about your body.

Step 3 is to stop comparing yourself to other people and accept your OWN body. Self improvement is about building yourself up, not breaking yourself down. A positive attitude is all you need to get yourself going in the right direction.

Step 4 is to take 4 BEFORE pictures. (Facing forward, view of your back, left side profile and a right side profile) Print out these pictures and write the date they were taken on the back of each one. These are the only pictures you need to compare yourself to from now on. Everyone has to start somewhere. Every 6 months, take another set of pictures, THEN compare yourself to yourself.


Step 5 is to weigh yourself & take your measurements. The scale is the annoying little voice in your head that tells you how much you weigh. Sometimes it's your friend, other times, its your archenemy. The best way to make your scale your partner, or "someone" that is there to support you, is DO NOT weigh yourself everyday or 10 times a day. Pick 1 day ONCE A MONTH to weigh yourself 1 time. Take the 1st of the month for example and keep track of your numbers somewhere. It should be the first thing you do when you wake up, before you eat or drink anything, that way you aren't stressing yourself out or getting discouraged every time you step on the scale. The temptation to do otherwise will be there, but you have to control the urge to weigh yourself more then once a month. This is a key step toward attaining self control. In order to determine your weight loss in inches, it is important to measure yourself so that you know your starting point, then compare your numbers once a month to determine your progress. To do this, I recommend: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-get-your-body-measurements.html

I don't want to over-load you with information so I will end here. Comments are always welcomed. Follow me on Twitter @anwellnesscoach. I encourage readers to ask questions and I will answer them on this blog. Email your questions to: allnaturalwellnesscoach@yahoo.com