Welcome to the New Shine!

If you're a regular reader of Shine, you've probably noticed some big (and small) changes around these parts in the past couple of days. After nearly four years online, and after publishing hundreds of thousands of blogs, videos, photos, comments, recipes (many of which came from all of you--thank you!), our dear site needed a bit of sprucing up, not to mention a technical upgrade to help us serve you all a lot better-and faster. On the redesigned Shine, you'll find new sections like:

Style: We've expanded our fashion and beauty section into one big area of the site, to bring you even more coverage on affordable style, makeup and skincare secrets, the latest anti-aging news and basically everything that makes us all obsessed with (and sometimes frustrated by) looking great.
At Home: Our new section dedicated to all things cleaning, organizing and decorating
Green: A new place to find simple ways to live more respectfully and responsibly and treat to the planet with care.
Pets: Because, we have 'em, we love 'em, and we like sure do like to talk about them (also, who doesn't like a good kitten video?)
Work + Money: Because on top of everything else we're doing--raising kids, taking care of our families-- we're also working really hard at our jobs and trying to save money and pay the bills on time.
The Ellen Show and Anderson Cooper: We're honored to have partnered with these two excellent shows, which will bring Shine readers relevant, interesting, surprising, and, sometimes, just downright hilarious stories and celebrity interviews from the world of daytime TV.

Because we value and cherish the Shine community (without you, seriously, we don't what we'd be), we've also upgraded our blogging tools. Powered by Yahoo Contributor Network, Shine's readers-bloggers can continue to share their thoughts, feelings, news, and wisdom on a more sophisticated and state of the art blogging platform. Find out how it works by reading community manager Brenda's handy instructions.

We know change can be weird. We expect some of you won't like everything you see (and please, send us feedback: shineeditors@yahoo.com). But we ask that you bear with us over the next couple of months as we continue to expand our offerings and provide Shine's readers with the stories, advice, tips, tricks, video, inspiration and news that matter most to women and our crazy, wonderful, over-scheduled, beautiful lives.

As always, a big thanks for reading, blogging, sharing, and engaging,

Editor-in-chief, Yahoo! Shine