It has been a while since Serenity and i went to a fun filled event event together......Saturday's gifts went into overflow!!!! The wonderful sights ,sounds,HUGE amounts of food...LOL!! The crafts of inspiring creations....bursting with colors of the rainbow!! Not to forget the animals.....domestic and wild....wwere in heaven....as the joyous sounds of laughter and priceless smiles....touched our hearts!! Thought you might like to see a few of my pictures!


A very frisky "WALLABY"

This 3yr old "BENGAL" TIGER made everyone a bit nervous .....
She could spray 30 feet!!! YIKES!!!


Isn't he BEAUTIFUL???

A Fantastic Group from Ecuador "QUICHUA MASHIS "

This tiny tyke just loved their "PAN FLUTE" music!!♥

From the bottom of my heart....i thank you...my dearest SERENITY....my eyes fill with tears from an overflowing heart of gratitude and love....my PRECIOUS GRANDAUGHTER!! I had a wonderous memory filled day !! i know it wasn't easy with the wheel chair....at the times when the ole dog paddling tootsies slowed down....but by golly....we made it from one end of that fair grounds to the other!! YOU are the BEST!! I LOVE YOU SO!!♥♥♥♥♥