What Do Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain Have to Say?

Michelle Obama Keeps It Real

The chic, shoot-from-the-hip newcomer talks about her critics, her life in the media whirl, and Wal-Mart vs. Target. She's been called everything from Barack's better half to his bitter half. Critics tsk-tsk her for being too blunt and, more recently, for seeming too soft. Feminists say she shouldn't sideline her career to focus on her husband's job, while fans call her the strength behind the historic presidential candidate. So how does Michelle Obama cope? With a little help from Beyonce, natch . . . Click here to read Michelle Obama Keeps it Real

Cindy McCain Rolls Up Her Sleeves
The poised, wealthy wife isn't what she seems: Just ask her about her hard-core aid work in Rwanda and the bath she once took in a catfish tank. Cindy McCain has the chilly, blonde beauty of someone who lives in fear of chipping a nail - not someone who's been doing relief work on the ground in places like El Salvador for more than two decades. But then, as Marie Claire learned, John McCain's wife is full of surprises (who knew she was addicted to Xbox). Click here to read Cindy McCain Rolls Up Her Sleeves


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