Isn't it strange that the senate after approving a here-to-fore unheard of Gift of over 750billion dollar to the banks and stockmarkets without any requirements or restrictionts or oversight would have the unmitigated gall to put such strangling restrictions on people who actually work for a living,the auto industry. As a matter of fact, when Paulson(Treasury secretary) was asked what was being done with the 350 billion that the banks had actually taken.....he didn't have a clue. Well, it looks like they did it to us one more time, while we were looking right at them. The money that the banks got was suppose to be used to loosen up the credit market. Instead, the banks are sitting on it while they continue in thier same old ways. So what was acomplished?, we the people got screwed one more time. Here's another thought, what ever happened to the money that was suppose to be generated throught the California state lotto that was then suppose to be used to help with the cost of our schools. Where is all that money going?We have Super lotto, Mega lotto, scratchers, daily drawings of 3 numbers not to mention card clubs and Indian reservation casinos, none of that revenue ever seems to profit anyone but the people who sponser the events. Why is our Govenor trying to make the ones who can least afford it bear the brunt of our failing economy? Cutting back in much needed social programs funding and funding for education. Aren't we stupid enough? We need more money spent on education and health care for the poor. If we don't pay for it now, we're going to pay for it later. If we don't accept the fact that education is as important and essential as food and medicine is for the body we will never solve the other problems of the world. Who knows,... among the millions of people who don't receive a proper education there might lie the answer to a multitude of the problems that plague mankind today. The same thing applies to health care for the poor people who don't have insurance. They are turned away often with what might be considered a minor problem but, left untreated it developes into something a whole more serious and possibly contagious. So the thing that could have been treated cheaply at first will now cost everyone a lot more. I'm just saying!