What is the #1 Thing Men Want in a Woman?

What is the number one thing men are CRAVING for when it comes to relationship? Simple - a woman who is confident, secure and feminine.They are, in fact, clear on one thing; a woman who, despite her beauty, good humor, kindness and tight butt, needs excessive reassurance is someone who quickly becomes an albatross. These men, who are all incredibly smart, ambitious, talented and handsome, are
searching for a woman who loves herself so deeply that she never depends on validation from her partner to make her feel lovable, worthwhile and attractive.
As it is, in fact, my mission to teach women and men to love
themselves so that they can attract someone to love, here are a few "signs" you most likely need to focus your efforts on yourself before you embark on a journey towards loving someone else.

1. You ask questions like, "Does this make me look fat," "Why did you
do (or say) that?," or "Do you still love me?" The Dating With Dignity
men joke that these questions, which are commonly asked by women in
relationships, are among the most annoying questions a women can ask.
They call them a complete, "turn off," and lament over the fact that
what is most frustrating is there are no answers to these questions
that a woman finds acceptable. Stop asking. If your clothes are too
tight, you know it. And, unless the few pounds has turned into twenty,
the DWD men all agree that they can't tell if the cookies you ate last
night made you feel bloated. Last, don't ask a man if he loves you.
Ever. Words and actions must match. If your man has told you he loves
you but begins to pull away, there is a better way to check in on his
feelings towards you. And, asking "why" he did or said something makes
him feel defensive and childlike. You are not his mother, you are his

2. You say things like, "Just hold me," even though your man has been
spending time with you being affectionate, cuddling and/or giving you
attention. Mat Boggs describes it perfectly in his "Cracking the Man
Code" Seminar when he states that men need short, attainable goals to
feel successful. Men want to please women, in fact, they need to feel
like they are your Knight in Shining Armor to keep on keepin' on. That
said, when he does his best to give you attention, holds on to you
while you watch Entourage or Monday Night Football, or reads his book
nearby while you give yourself a manicure, let him go away when he
needs his space. If you are constantly criticizing him and tell him
it's "not enough" he will want to hide long-term. Instead, settle into
the time you are together, be present in the moment, and then
encourage him to go play Playstation or watch videos on YouTube when
you are done with your nails, the show is finished or it's halftime.

3. You are jealous and weirded out when you see issues of "HFM,"
"Maxim," or "Playboy" in his bedroom, or see old pictures of him with
his girlfriend. The truth is, your man had an entire life before you
met him. It included ex-lovers, ex-girlfriends, and an array of
females who are still his friends. A woman who is threatened by these
relationships, past and present, is at risk of turning-off the man
with whom they are in love. Your man left those relationships for a
reason, and if he consistently shows he loves you, then you have no
reason to fear the past. His friends, male and female, are simply not

4. You relate to songs like, "My Life Would Suck Without You," "No
Air," and "Lost Without Your Love." The truth is, that when you love
yourself and have created an amazing life that is interdependent with
your partner's life, you don't think your life would suck without him.
While you would be appropriately heart broken to lose an important
relationship, you know in your heart that "you will survive," and that
even without him your life is truly awesome. You can, then, in fact,
breathe when he is no longer your boyfriend, and you will not be lost
without his love. When you have a deep sense of self, confidence, a
community of friends, a profession you find fulfilling and self love,
your life never sucks. Ever.